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Hospitality: A Good Bet in this Economy

The economy may be slowly getting better, but who knows if there will be any bumps. Finding work that will stand the ups and down can be hard; or something that you can go to work, go to school, and rise from within. One industry is showing very good signs of this and that’s Hospitality ...

Enjoy College (the Right Way)

College is all about learning and trying new things (and having some fun). But there is a right way to enjoy your time and a wrong one. There is the image of wild, drunken parties that many people believe is what you need to really experience college. I’m here to tell you that most stud ...

Before you Manage in Hospitality

Going to school to better your life is always a good option. But there are ways to add to your success that doesn’t involve a classroom. A good way to do this is to work in entry-level positions while in school. Not only will it be good to have a paying job (who can afford not to h ...

In Defense of the College of Liberal Arts

There has been a trend going on for years that getting a degree in a College of Liberal Arts means that you don’t want to get a good paying job and that you will just waste four years of your life. Being a degree holder in this college I would like to address that. First, have we b ...