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What To Include In A Fashion Degree Portfolio

A Bachelor of Arts in Fashion is a wonderful degree to pursue if you are inclined to be a designer one day.  The degree usually takes four years, during which you learn about industry techniques through required coursework along with a handful of well-rounded electives to complete a degr ...

Considering a Music Education Degree?

A degree in music education can be a bumpy ride, but future job opportunities may be knocking at your door with this degree in your pocket.  Many students find their way into a music degree for their love and passion of their instrument, however there is a lot more to a Bachelor of Music ...

Improve On Key Skills With Continuing Education

Continuing education is a branch of studies which includes both formal and informal training in a variety of subjects which often focus on job-related skills. Students may add to their existing degree or specialized training, or take a course for personal interest. Often catering to the ...

Take A Gap Year To See The World

You have just finished your degree; four years of grueling undergraduate classes, seminars, presentations and exams.  You are now feeling the pressure to enter the job market as soon as possible and find that stable career that will hopefully carry you through until retirement. &nbs ...

Art Degree Options

Art degrees have to be one of the most liberal academic routes to pursue.  A choice of media, from painting to photography, printmaking to video and sound, the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) world may seem open and free-formed.  It's not all play though. Like any degree, other cred ...