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Studying Psychology and Education, I have a passion for people--knowing them, understanding them, and helping them. That is the goal. Altruism is rare but it does exist. Believe in that.


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Juggling Illness and School

Growing up, I fell ill quite often and still do. Friends and family members continuously have the same comments, “Oh my God, you’re sick AGAIN?” or, “Wow, you get sick A LOT.” Every time I hear both of them, particularly the second one, I always think to myself, ...

Writing Research Papers

For starters, no one ever talks about this stuff (not until your senior year, maybe). Professors slap down four page instructions on your desk and expect you to produce some magical research paper, but what they don’t realize is that you’re new in college and have no idea where to ...

College Blues

We've all heard about the common "senioritis." Well, if you haven't heard, it's basically when a senior in college becomes depressed and feels like he or she can't move on any further. Laziness kicks in and sweat pants are worn year round. Assignments are done at the ...