10 Reasons Why a Career in the Hospitality Industry is a Great Idea

2014 statistics by the British Hospitality Association (BHA) indicate that more than 3 million individuals are now employed in the UK hospitality industry. If you are reading this right now, may be among them. Chances are that you are also fully aware why so many people want to work in this industry. Truth be told, work shifts here can take long swathes of time and be quite tiring, but most people employed in hospitality really have a lot of passion for their jobs. Check out below our top 10 reasons why working in the hospitality industry can be a great idea!

1) You Make Your Customer’s Day

Whichever role you play in the hospitality field, be it as a hotel concierge, a housekeeper, a kitchen porter or even managing a hospitality company, your career always involves trying to make somebody's day better in your own little way. Check out the Smiles of Britain Campaign and join others like you!

2) Hospitality is Creative

In addition to being customer-oriented, the hospitality industry is also creative. Here, you are always creating something for your customers - a food or drink, or even an experience. And there is always some room to come up with new ways of enhancing your customers’ experience even more!

3) A Door to the Rest of the World

Since hospitality is a global industry, a career here could mean your key to exploring and discovering the world, new cultures and different peoples. Check out on site, for your chance to take your skills international!

4) You Don’t Have to Remain in One Niche

With a career in hospitality, your scope is so massive that you never have to get stuck in a single niche for a long time. Even with a single employer, you could shuffle between being a receptionist to a reservations manager to a concierge or even higher within just a few years.

5) Possible to Take On Early Responsibility

As much as the hospitality industry offers you great opportunity to move horizontally quite rapidly, moving vertically can also be as quick. Work hard, get your qualifications right, show initiative, get on well with both your colleagues and customers, and you can go up the ladder quite easily.

6) Not a Boring 9 to 5 Job

A hospitality career is not the sort of suit-and-tie field that involves waking up every morning at the same routine time, to the same routine breakfast, to the same routine train, and into the same routine office, year in and year out. Rather, it involves a great deal of flexibility and variety in terms of working hours and tasks to accomplish.

7) Precise Entry Route

Hospitality has a clearly-defined set of qualifications cutting across almost the entire global industry, and in the UK, there are hundreds of places you can train to acquire them. For more on qualifications, check out site’s dedicated training section, or contact the hospitality charity Springboard and/or the National Skills Academy for Hospitality.

8) Awesome Perks and Remunerations

Unlike office workers perks that rarely go past some dismal once-a-year Christmas bash, employees in the hospitality industry get a chance to share in their customers’ fun quite often. In addition, they rub shoulders with the high and the mighty, celebrities and VIPs, and enjoy gourmet meals regularly.

9) Serene Working Atmosphere

Unfriendly and always-moody colleagues, people hard to get on with: not many of such work in the hospitality field. The success of this industry depends to a large extent on hiring individuals who are friendly to customers. The most lively, fun and vibrant people you will ever meet are therefore to be found here.

10) Safe Bet

Since food, drink and a place to sleep are basic necessities that people always need, the hospitality industry remains relatively secure even in turbulent economic times. While people are abandoning unnecessary costs during such times, they can’t avoid eating, drinking and sleeping!


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