10 Workplace Secrets For New Graduates

Fresh graduates who have just landed in their first professional job may experience utter confusion and nervousness. This new environment will be entirely different from their university classroom. Meeting different people, learning about your new job and understanding the dynamics of a new workplace can be frustrating and overwhelming. Many companies have orientation programs that will help you to get accustomed to the organization. Moreover, during your first few months, there are few things that you should not expect from your boss or the HR department.

1. Your manager won't fire you.

This is your first job, and it is likely that you will make mistakes. Instead of getting fired, you will be undergoing several performance improvement plans and sign-offs on multiple levels. In a startup company, your boss will be the CEO so it is more likely that this process will be much faster than in the bigger companies. However, if you are caught doing something very atrocious, then the manager will have the full power to suspend you.

2. Do not expect a salary raise within a year or two.

Your manager will not increase your salary just because you have asked or simply because you think you deserve it. However, if the manager feels that you are a valuable asset, then he may endorse you for a raise.

3. Even if you are a superstar and deserving, you may not get promotion for a while.

Many new graduates get frustrated when they do not get a promotion quickly. They work hard and put in all their effort, but still fail in achieving their dream position in the company. The fact is that there is a lengthy learning road that lies ahead, and you’re just at the starting point. You may be getting acknowledged for your work, but the chances of getting promoted within the first year or two are slim.

4. Your co-workers may still be immature and childish.

In a workplace scenario, you cannot expect everyone to behave in a matured manner. In fact, you may find yourself caught in a group of people who seem they never completed junior high.  Avoid such co-workers as they can create problems for you. They may either welcome you in their “mean club” or just reject you. Do not start to act callously, just to get enrolled in their “mean club.”  This change is often observed in more women than men. New women graduates should keep an extra eye on their behavior to avoid losing themselves.

5. Your manager may lack management skills, but still praise her.

Many times, people supervising entry-level employees lack experience and training, and yet they are shoved into their management responsibilities. This means that your boss may not be well-versed in their job and is likely to make mistakes. Does this give you the permission to dissent them? The answer is no. They may possess some skills and abilities, which may be the basis for recruiting them for the position. Do not miss this opportunity to understand their unique qualities.

6. HR’s job is to support the business, not advocate for you.

The HR department is always ready to help when you need some advice or during some serious problems such as sexual harassment or racial discrimination. But if you only want someone to vent your feelings to, try a friend or mom.  If you complain about your manager and expect the HR department to take some action, then you are mistaken and will experience great disappointment.

7. HR cannot always adhere to confidentiality rules.

Most of the time, HR keeps things confidential, but in certain cases, they cannot keep quiet. If you complain regarding racial discrimination or sexual harassment, then HR has to take immediate action as certain laws have been violated. Since HR has to make investigations and uncover the truth, they cannot keep quiet. Moreover, they tend to keep confidential certain personal issues such as your medical problem, but like a doctor, they cannot always adhere to confidentiality rules.

8. Grunt work leads to success.

Fresh graduates have different and fabulous ideas that can benefit their company. But they usually end up in unskilled and low profile jobs such as editing a document, organizing files, or answering to emails. You need to understand that every successful person has to start somewhere. Work hard and give your best, and then you will be recognized.

9. Earn your perks and privileges.

During your interview, you were informed about the incredible benefits you may get while working with the company. Flexible schedules, paid vacation, catered lunches, and nap rooms are some of the perks that an organization bestows upon their employees. But if you start enjoying these perks in the beginning, it may portray you negatively. First prove that you are hard-working, capable and responsible by doing little things such as coming on time, achieving your deadlines, and not complaining. Once you achieve your stature, you are free to enjoy these fringe benefits.

10. Accepting your mistakes helps you to succeed in life.

Never cover up your mistakes, instead, admit it and try to mend it. Many people do not care when you make a mistake, but they care when you fail to fix it. Inform your boss about your mistake and try your best to improve it.  You earn respect when you accept your errors and try to fix it. Discover Oulton Menu/HireGrad.jpg" title="Image Courtesy">Image Courtesy



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