4 Essentials to be a Better Leader

There will be good times and there will be bad times, but a great leader knows how to handle every situation flawlessly. Simply being in the position of the leader doesn't make one a great leader. A great leader understands every situation and handles it effectively for the growth and the success of the company, organization or community as a whole. Being a great leader may not be that difficult. Sometimes a place will have a good idea, an excellent team and all they need is a good leader to handle the team. One just has to look in the right places and develop leaders. In this article, I will discuss 4 qualities that a leader should have. Some are extremely basic qualities but at the same time they are very important.


Effective communication is the most basic and important aspect of a leader. It is almost impossible to become a great leader if one is not a great communicator. Make sure that you have an open mind, and try to be specific and clear. Make sure that you know what you are talking and the other person understands the point of the entire conversation. Effective communication will definitely lead your company and team to the road of success.


We are constantly learning but those who try to improve from what they have learnt are in reality great leaders. Always keep your mind open for new innovations, ideas and improvisations. Accept change for the betterment of your team. Never stop improving. Improving helps employees and fellow members to connect with the leader more easily. Show a positive response and flexibility in your attitude and in return the employees will automatically work well which will be a great help for the success of your company.


The key thing to becoming a great leader is to have the innate confidence. Confidence in taking decisions for the company, confidence in handling the situations efficiently, confidence in protecting the company from the vital problems. Without confidence leadership cannot be achieved. Being confident does not mean that you are always right and that you cannot by any measure make mistakes. Being confident relates to accepting your mistake if you are wrong and confidently rectifying the mistake. Confidence also relates to having confidence in the employees and the team. This confidence will automatically help them work better.


We need to be creative. Creativity is the heart of a company's success. Leaders need to be creative innovative and also need to encourage others in the company to be creative. Creativity is about making decisions quickly but effectively which will lead the company on the path to success. Creativity can be the stage from the theory to the practicality of the business.

If one manages to practice these five qualities, they can surely lead a team towards success!

neha basrani

neha basrani

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