5 IT Courses You Should Consider

If you’re struggling for inspiration about which direction you want your career to take, consider this.  Every year in the UK, the IT sector requires over 140,000 new entrants. That’s both graduates and experienced professionals!  Businesses are seriously concerned that a shortage of skilled and appropriately trained IT talent could be holding them back.

Launching a career in IT can be problematic in that there is no clearly recognized career path, and the industry is so fast-moving it can be difficult to keep up with what’s out there.  For these reasons, it’s essential that you find the right training if you want to have a good chance of success.

Here are five courses you should seriously consider if you want to pursue a career in IT.

1.      European Computer Driving License (ECDL)

This online course is an essential starting point in your training.  It’s recognized worldwide and is accepted as a basic IT skills qualification in almost 150 different countries.

2.      Undergraduate Degree Course - Cisco Networking (CCNA)

This is a one-year course which will equip you to work in network admin through Cisco.  This Open University course is intended to provide the understanding, skills, and knowledge you’ll need to configure a LAN, WAN, and much more.  Coursework is very flexible so that you can fit studying in around your job or other classes.

3.      Cloud Computing Technologies Introduction - Learning Tree Training Company

If you want to work in IT, you need to get familiar with the Cloud and its incumbent technology.  This is a three-day course but it will give you the full low-down on the hottest topic in the IT industry at the moment.

4.      Computer Science Degree at Cambridge University

This prestigious program at one of the top five ranked universities in the world is certainly the jewel in the crown of any CV.  Consequently, it’s an extremely tough program to get onto.  It’s a three or four-year program that guarantees you the very best tuition and ample job opportunities, including access to the numerous start-ups situated around the university.

5.      University of Bedford Foundation Web Design and Software Development Foundation Degree

This program offers a good introduction into the main technologies and programming languages currently in use.  It can be studied on a part or full-time basis but make sure when selecting your courses that they cover both a good theoretical grounding as well as the practical angle of things.  Remember that although IT skills can become out-dated relatively quickly; theory does not. 

In Conclusion

IT is hungry for new talent and there’s never been a better time to get into this industry.  These are just a few ideas to get you started – good luck!



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5 IT Courses You Should Consider

If you’re struggling for inspiration about which direction you want your career to take, consider this.  Every year in the UK, the IT sector requires over 140,000 new entrants. That’s both graduates and experienced professionals!  Businesses are seriously concerned that ... ...

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