5 Master Tips For Your Next Business Presentation

In this corporate world, presentations have become an integral part of routine office life. From discussing the highlights of the day to demonstrating the sales of a new product, you'll be required to have extraordinary presentation skills. A successful presentation is not just about creating PowerPoint slides. Actually, it’s much more than that. Here are some tips that will help you to deliver an award-winning presentation.

1. Tell a Story

In this era of frequent distractions and shrinking attention spans, you should know how to win over your audience. Instead of giving boring lectures, try to develop a connection with your audience. This can be done by telling short stories that give meaning and come with an excellent message to your audience. To increase your credibility, you can tell personal stories, which will make you more appealing, convincing, and interesting.

Moreover, facts and theories are found to activate only two regions of the brain, but stories can stimulate about seven areas of the brain. Stories also prompt emotional responses in the audience. Presentations that engage listeners both mentally and emotionally are more remarkable and persuasive, thus more lucrative.

2. Vary the Template

For a positive impact, try altering stock title slides with new features, attractive colors, and logos. Your slides should have the potential to depict the idea and narrative visually.

Font selection is another important aspect of your presentation. It is not just a typeface, but a way to symbolize your idea. It should complement the core idea or narration of your presentation. Font selection is also important for readability. Adding lots of font styles will not increase the impact of your idea. Instead, bring your opinions and ideas to life with the simple text and a varied collection of attractive images and videos.

3. Use a Storyboard

Most people adopt a traditional way to create their presentations. They begin designing a blank PowerPoint document by adding text and images but may end up making mistakes. Instead, create a visual outline of your presentation before you tackle your first draft. This outline is usually like a fifth-grade book report, which consists of sub points that backup the main point, and the intro and conclusion binding all the points together. Aim for a single summary that describes your main idea and three sub points that will verify your summary. Do not begin to design your slides until you are satisfied with your outline. This will give you a presentation free of odd tangents and irrelevant slides.

4. Think About Introverts and Extroverts in the Audience

Experts believe that an audience is generally a mixture of introverts and extroverts. Thus, the most important lesson is to never depend on a single presentation method. For instance, if your presentation is filled with activities, the extroverts are going to love your presentation, but the introverts are going to hate it. Conversely, if you lecture the whole time during the presentation, the introverts will feel comfortable, but extroverts will get bored with your presentation. A presenter should balance their presentation with both lecture and activities.

5. Keep it to Three Points

The fact is that the human brain can remember only the first three points, and the rest is easily forgotten. No one will remember the tenth point you present. Still presenters feel the need to exhibit their knowledge in front of a large audience. However, the sad part is that in the presentation world, everyone has a short attention span. A short presentation will win your audience’s heart, and a long presentation will make your audience despise you. Avoid exhibiting completely your knowledge through a presentation as no one is going to remember you or the vast amount information you shared.

With a powerful data and right presenting techniques, you can grab your audience’s attention and make a successful business presentation.



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5 Master Tips For Your Next Business Presentation

In this corporate world, presentations have become an integral part of routine office life. From discussing the highlights of the day to demonstrating the sales of a new product, you'll be required to have extraordinary presentation skills. A successful presentation is not just about crea ... ...

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