8 Strategies That Successful Leaders Apply to Get Good Results

Different successful leaders use various types of strategies and apply them in their workplace. These strategies have helped them to bring a great difference in their life, especially during the time of crisis. I have tried to find them and have been practicing for a few years and these strategies have proved to be very useful and efficient. I have listed some of the most useful strategies that will improve your quality of life.

1. Use a creative mindset:

Most of us believe that we need to struggle to succeed. In this process of struggle, our anxiety level increases and we may suffer from physical, mental and emotional stress. This is because we are caught in the struggle-victim mindset wherein we want to be in charge of every aspect of our life including the outcome part. When the results are not in our favour, we lose the courage, become frustrated and end up in depression.

Instead, a successful leader who also works hard and has also faced failure at some point of time in their life. But when they fail, they face it as a challenge and an opportunity to be creative. Their declining period is very short. They tend to adopt a creative mindset to deal with their problems. This helps them to come up with the solutions that will bring improvements in their services or products.

Thus, perceive your problems as an opportunity to create rather than as an excuse which will make you feel self-pity. Avoid struggle-victim mindset and adopt creative mind set. It’s very simple, you just have to call your creativity and ask for some solutions to your problems.

2. Isolate the problem and find solutions for it

In any task, you will always face some obstacles which will prevent you to move forward. In such a situation, you need to find the cause of the problem rather than generalize it. For instance, you have a business of selling soap bars and your company is simply not able to sell the soap bars. The solution to it can be finding a partner who can handle your marketing department. Instead, many people generalize the problem and judge themselves harshly.

So, you just need to find the exact problem, isolate it, and then try listing out various solutions that can help you to deal with the problem.

3. Select that 20 percent of activity that will help you achieve 80 percent of results.

This is a great formula which I learned during a college seminar. For instance, if you are a yoga instructor and you are trapped in doing all the paper work which is required to promote yourself in different yoga classes. You can reduce this work by finding an agent. You will require 20 percent of time to find an agent which will reduce your 80 percent of the work such as writing to one studio at a time and taking time for the follow up.

So make a list of things you have to do and find one work which will reduce the most part of your work. This will reduce your workload and will help you to progress in life.

4. Create time for yourself

In this era of technology, anyone can communicate with you through Facebook, email, Skype or Whatsapp and you may always answer them immediately and be available at any time. In such a case, you should create your own set of rules, especially when you are working from home. Make yourself inaccessible and spent at least six hours in a day for yourself. This can be a little difficult if you are a workaholic, but this will require some practice. So set some free time for yourself and keep your phone away. This will promote higher levels of productivity and creativity.

5. Time management

Divide your time into two parts – time to create and time to consume. So, set some time to create your own work or products and devote the other few hours to consume other people work that will enhance your productivity. I have applied this strategy in my work. In the morning, I spend few hours creating my own masterpiece and then I dedicate another few hours in reading and consuming other people content that may help me in my work. Such time management will help you to focus on every aspect of your work and also help you to achieve great success in your project.

6. Meditate

Meditation is relaxing your mind and taking it away from all kinds of worldly worries and distractions. Such relaxation produces happy hormones in your body which helps you to reduce stress and focus on your goal. This technique is used by various leaders, businessman and athletes, which help them to calm down and attain back their lost focus. It helps you to be in the present moment. Therefore, I suggest you should meditate as it has helped me in changing my life.

7. Prepare yourself for the moment of crisis

At the beginning of any project we are always confident and motivated, which is due to a lot of happy hormones flowing in our body. These happy hormones easily appear when we are experiencing some exciting adventure or undertaking a new project. However, as the period passes, we become less excited and more stressful and if a problem arises, you are not motivated enough to handle the crisis. This results in quitting your work or passing through a considerable hard time.

Todd Hermann, a psychologist, provides a tip to prepare yourself for the moment of crisis which everyone will face at certain point of time. This can be done by writing down a script which you will use when a particular situation arises. For instance, when you launch a product or publish any kind of work, you tend to worry and take stress, when you do not receive an expected answer. In such a case, you judge yourself harshly and jump into conclusions and take wrong decisions. Instead, you can prepare yourself before the situation by preparing a small script which you will tell yourself in the moment of crisis. You can always take help of others who can remind you that this can happen and can also repeat your script to you if possible.

So develop a back-up plan by listing down your thoughts, behaviour and write a small script which will help you to overcome the crisis situation.

8. Pause your life when needed

Everyone knows the fact that every problem has a solution. But sometimes some problems cannot be solved at the very moment. Sometimes you are so close to the solution, but exhausted to understand it. In such a case pause that part of life and move on to something interesting, creative or something that you love to do. For instance, I love baking cakes or listening music. When our mind receives some rest, it has the ability to surprise us with ideas and solutions that previously seemed as completely impossible. So give your mind a little peace and distraction and then you see how capable our mind is giving extraordinary solutions.

So, apply these strategies in your projects and assignments and you will be surprised to see how your quality of life improves.

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