Are Fashion Students And Fashion Houses Really Ready For Design War Waging On Instagram?

Instagram is the new inspiration ground for fashion designers around the world.

With posting selfies on Instagram becoming the world order among the self-obsessed fashion divas and celebrities around the globe, creating designs around these new breed of Instagramers and their ardent followers seems to be the next battle ground for designers.

It has become a necessity to follow them and check what is being posted as their ardent fans and followers are ready to dig into their favorite star’s designs as soon as it gets visibility on their account.

So it is not that designers are creating their entire spring collection around Instagram, but they sure are keeping an eye on what these celebrities are posting to keep up with the trend that is actually the reality rather than a perception the create from reviews and sales.

But how is this going to change the way designers create art around their inspirations?

Well, currently they have to cater to the commercial angle as well, and if the designer is not in tune with what is happening and what is out of favor among the this world of Instagram enthusiasts, then they might soon lose out on a great sales potential.

It has now also become very apparent from the interviews of designers that the medium is growing in demand for its wide scope of visual inspiration for them. Even the Instagram accounts of many designers are abuzz with discussions and suggestions on elements of their posts being source of their future designs. So ideas are being drawn and put into the drawing board and even ads being created around them for ensuring greater commercial success .

The search for inspiration usually takes a designer to the oddest of the places and spaces; an Instagram seems to be the most convenient of them all. By regularly following users, their thought processes brings greater clarity to the designers as well.

Even fashion giants like vogue seem to be falling line by launching hashtag series titled #Wednesdaybreakmyheart, #OnestopshopNYC, and #SleepwalksNewYork to join the Instagram bandwagon as well, many others are also launching competitions, feedback sessions and even delivering fresh collection glimpses to fully milk this medium.

With such attention and Instagram growing in popularity by leaps and bounds, it’s a matter of time before this medium starts generating greater ideas and possibilities among designers to create, promote and establish their new collections.


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