Are Your Employees Happy?

How well do you know about your employees? Do you have any idea what each of them likes or hates? Or do you know if your employees are happy and satisfied with their work and salary?

Employers seldom assess their employees’ status when it comes to satisfaction in their workplace. They, unfortunately, fail to ask how their workers are doing, or neglect to praise them for a job well done.

TinyPulse, a company that desires to make employee reviews about their satisfaction and at the same time helps other employers to do the same, through asking open-ended questions. In this way, the management will be able to evaluate how satisfied their employees are through their answers and feedbacks.

TinyPulse sends questions anonymously from time to time, may be at least once a week, via email. Employees provide answers to these simple open-ended questions and additional feedbacks. Through these answers and comments, the management will be able to assess and evaluate situations or processes that cause troubles, and create solutions to resolve issues.

To start with your evaluation, here are a few questions (to be sent anonymously) provided by TinyPulse for you to gather honest answers from your employees. This will help you know if your employees are happy in your company’s policies and protocols.

  • What is one process, if removed, will motivate you to work better and be more productive? – This may be a straightforward question, but this will be of great help (especially if a number of your employees have the same answer) for you to realize the things that have to be abolished.
  • What can you tell about your management’s transparency? – You may need not to tell everything to your workers but they have the right to know about your decisions that can greatly affect the company as well as their work status.
  • Rate 1 – 10, with 1 as lowest and 10 as the highest – the food quality served in the kitchen. – You may think it’s irrelevant but it matters to your employees. There may be instances that an employee likes a certain brand of the food served in the cafeteria. Through such simple knowledge, you will be able to address small issues like this.
  • List a number of factors that will help you do your best at work. – Through this question, you can gain insight on the things that will contribute to make your employees have a great performance on their jobs.
  • Can you give me an instance that you have been awarded, acknowledged or recognized, and that made you become more committed and loyal? – This question is essential in determining actions or deeds that will make your work feel important and appreciated.
  • What is your assessment to the opportunities of growth and advancement opportunities offered in your company? – since one of the main reasons why employees file their resignation letters is the lack and inadequacy of advancement opportunities, answers to this question is greatly useful for the employers to think of ways that will prevent their employees to leave and seek other companies.
  • How confident are you in your management’s leadership? – According to survey, the second major reason employees choose new jobs is their lack of trust and faith to the leadership of their management. By making your workers answer this question, you can evaluate yourself and improve your performance.

It may be frustrating and depressing reading the answers and feedbacks of your employees. But this can also be a great way for you to improve your management by addressing their concerns and issues. By taking action, you can watch how your worker’s responses and comments improve. And by that time, you will be joyful as you see your employees happy.

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Are Your Employees Happy?

How well do you know about your employees? Do you have any idea what each of them likes or hates? Or do you know if your employees are happy and satisfied with their work and salary? Employers seldom assess their employees’ status when it comes to satisfaction in their workplace. T ... ...

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