Aspiring to be the Next Armani? Make A “Sewing Machine” Your BFF

Fashion designers like Gucci, Armani and Donna Karen have inspired countless among us to follow in their footsteps and climb up the success ladder in this field with our creative talent. The fact remains that many who have followed them have reached dazzling heights themselves.

Their greatness can also be measured by the fact that they still continue to inspire countless many even today to be a part of this glamorous industry.

So, if you are among those who aspire to one day launch your own label, then the first thing you need to absolutely master is the art of sewing AND aim to make the “sewing machine” your Best Friend Forever.

Sewing was once recognized as skill which no women would ignore. They acquired the skill for being a successful homemaker through various vocational courses in schools itself. However changing times bought in changing priorities leading to a major decline in the number of people in taking up this art form.

However, this is one skill which no aspiring designer should take lightly and should religiously learn and gain expertise in to ensure that their creativity finds life and acceptance.

Apparels, as you certainly realize are the symbiotic amalgamation of the correct fabric with perfect seams and stitches. Thus learning this craft would go a great length in perfecting your understanding of the perfection that your designs need to project.

The good news however is that aspiring fashionistas and designers of today have woken up to the value that this craft offers in their creative arsenal and are now rushing to hone their skills on a sewing machine. Even the earlier gender imbalance of majority women has also disappeared with men also taking up sewing with never before rigor.

“Why not just learn to sew by hand and forget about the sewing machine?”

This would be an obvious question that needs to be answered as well. Hand sewing that perfect seam is a time consuming process, strenuous on your eyes and nerves along with requirement of an aggressive amount of concentration for tougher jobs. One should, thereby, ask themselves whether they would prefer to spend quality time creating new and fresh designs or would spending hours or even days on just one design be a more productive course of action.

I believe that the answer would be the former. A sewing machine can not only immensely speed up your creation time but will also ensure an efficient uniformity in the seams and stitches in all your assignments and projects. It would be the first convenient assistant by your side which will always ensure consistent quality standards in all your sewing work.

With this in mind, others are already in pursuit of their new found love for this trade of pins and bobbins, desperately trying to seam together an everlasting friendship with a sewing machine, but the most important question still remains.

Do you have a “BFF Sewing Machine”?

live like Dave

live like Dave

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