College Blues

We've all heard about the common "senioritis." Well, if you haven't heard, it's basically when a senior in college becomes depressed and feels like he or she can't move on any further. Laziness kicks in and sweat pants are worn year round. Assignments are done at the last minute and the fridge is empty from being broke because you go out too often. Now you know. But what about college blues? What the heck is that? Let me share a story with you, my friend.

It's 1:33 A.M. Dark and rainy outside. You're sick with a cold and hungry but the fridge is empty. You pick up your wallet to see if you have money to get some food (which you don't), but then all of a sudden you realize it's 1:34 A.M. Any place that's not poisonous is closed! Tick tock, tick tock. The clock keeps reminding you of your misery. It's now 3:57 A.M and you swear to yourself that if you don't finish by 4 A.M. that you'll head to bed. It's 4:38 A.M.,'re still not finished. You think to yourself, "...I'm gonna drop out."

Hold on. Reverse that! Go back in time and stop yourself from doing that because guess what? It's not going to help you. You will NOT be happy (most people, anyway). It's really not the end of your life. It's just something I like to call "the college blues."

I know it's depressing when you have to take a semester off because something happened in your life, or maybe you're so close to finishing but you have to drop a class and then your graduation gets pushed back. The worst thing in a college student's life is when his or her graduation gets pushed back. There is nothing more depressing than knowing that the date on your resume has changed. But wait, doesn't that sound a little dramatic? Yeah sure, the date has changed, but you still have a million dates ahead of you with adventures and happiness written all over them. You just have to be patient and keep pushing forward. Stopping the clock isn't going to do anything. Why? Because time is still moving along, even if you don't acknowledge it.

College is a tough journey, that in modern times, many people are forced to embark on. One thing to always keep in mind, is that even though the world makes it seem like it's impossible to survive in it without a degree, it is still possible. The only problem is, it becomes harder to do so. So either way, you're going to have to work hard right? The best thing to do is, when you feel like you're life is changing, try and imagine the future. I'm not talking about having discussions with others and feeling pressured by them. I'm talking about taking your mind on an imaginary trip to the future. This is your personal journey. No one needs to know. There are no expectations or deadlines, no goals to be set and no one to let down. This is you and your mind taking a walk together.

Look ahead. What do you see? For most people, you can guarantee that life itself is going to be hard work. So ultimately, it's up to you to decide which way you'd rather work hard - in school or in life without any type of degree or certificate. Some people can do it without an education, but in the end you need to forget about other people and ask yourself, "Can I do it without an education? Or will a college education help me?" Like I mentioned earlier, both paths require hard work. Which path do you want to take?

In the end, always remember that college blues are a normal thing. Whether you're a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, you're still a human and you're allowed to feel depressed about 20 page papers and group projects (with highly annoying people). I mean, who wouldn't?


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