Do You Still Believe in These Myths of the Medical Profession?

It is quite surprising that patients, patient family members, and people outside of the medical field have so many ridiculous beliefs and myths about the medical profession. How many of these have you come to know and even believe?

Being a medical professional – be it a nurse, physical therapist or doctor – is not easy. The fact that you are dealing and handling the lives of your patients is already inconvenient and scary. One wrong move, you can send someone to the morgue anytime.

But sadly there are people, especially patients and their family members, who have a number of wrong notions about the medical profession.he public often come to believe of something that is so far from reality because of a minute incident or a little observation they had about the medical professionals. Let’s examine a few of those misconceptions:

  • To a lot of people, only doctors can tell you whether you are healthy or sick. – Doctors are people who have studied about the normal human anatomy and physiology, diseases along with their causes, prevention and treatment, and etc. But that vast knowledge about health, diseases and other medical-related topics does not mean that doctors are the only people who can tell you whether you are healthy or not. In fact, they can only tell you about your health condition if you tell them what you feel. Say for example, if you are sick or not feeling well, your doctor will ask a series of questions that will help him or her understand your condition better. Your attending physician will ask you what makes you feel worse or what makes you feel better. What you are going to answer will assist your physician to come up with a possible diagnosis. So the thinking that only your doctors can say whether you are healthy or sick is somehow not true. In the medical field, what the patient feels about his or her body is an important factor to help physician know and therefore say whether you are extremely sick or not.
  • Admitted or hospitalized patients believed that doctors only care about them for about 20 minutes, 30 minutes maximum. – This belief comes from the observation of many patients that their attending physicians only swoop by their room for only 15-20 minutes a day. To them, their doctors are only doing their job for just a very short period of time. That belief is certainly not true. Yes, it is a fact that doctors usually have direct contact with their patients for just a few minutes. But that does not mean that they do not care about you and what’s going on with your body anymore. In fact, the remainder of the day that you do not see them is the time that they are discussing your condition and your treatment to fellow medical professionals. They could be referring your condition to other specialists, or could be running down the radiology department to review your x-ray results. They could be talking to your nurses and prescribing medications or going to the laboratory to examine your test results. Just because you do not see your doctor too often or longer than you want to, does not mean that they do not care about you anymore.
  • Most people believe that the more experienced the doctor, the higher the professional fee. – This is absolutely a misconception. The number of years in practice and service does not increase a doctor’s pay. In fact, the most experienced physicians get the same payment per visit as a physician just out of residency.

There are still many more misconceptions about the medical profession. But the public should remember that medical professionals do their best to prevent you from getting sick, give you medications to help you feel better, and most especially do everything they can to save your life when you are in the brink of seeing death.

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