Earn Money Like Devin Supertramp

When you are out making or earning money, you hardly imagine that it is a fun activity. You like the money well enough to be sure, but most of the time, you associate work with it, which is something you rarely look forward to. Earning money isn’t easy when you look at it in this perspective. However, if you just try to approach it differently like Devin Supertramp did, you just might have a totally different outlook on earning money.

While it may seem unlikely that you would enjoy making money because of the work associated with it, Devin Supertramp actually does this enviable feat. If you haven’t heard about him yet, you should try watching some of his wildly exciting adventure videos that are very popular in YouTube. You may think it is just a hobby but he actually earns money from this and has projects with some of the biggest companies. He didn’t stumble on this job too. He went to Brigham Young University to pursue a career in film and advertising. But instead of holing up and finding an 8 to 5 job, he did something totally different. Now he controls the content of his projects. So he gets to shoot the things that interest him the most, which is probably something that you would do for free.

You can’t account his success to luck either because he did build up his career so to speak. He just enjoyed doing it because he loved everything that he did. You may want to emulate him and try to carve out a career path that enables you to have the freedom to do what you want and love. It’s actually pretty simple to do.

  • Start with what is available and what you can actually do

Devin didn’t immediately go to all the far off places to shoot all the exotic places and activities that you would think of. Rather, he started locally and filmed in Hawaii with his friends. Sounds like something you can do right?

You don’t have to go over and beyond to prove yourself. You can start with projects that you are capable of doing. If you happen to be in the film industry like Devin, you can start shooting in your backyard or local park about things that would excite and move you. If you happen to be a writer, you don’t have to write novels right away. You can blog or make snippets.

The important thing is to start. But it isn’t just starting something half baked. You would attack whatever it is you are doing with all your zeal and passion. Prove to yourself that you can do this and you are good at it; you may just surprise yourself with the results.

  • Harness the free and open portal of the web

Now that you have your work done, you need to get your work noticed. Devin knew about this because he also studied advertising on top of filmmaking. So what he did was harness the use of several social media like Twitter and Facebook where he now has more than a hundred thousand followers.

Almost everyone has a social media account. You probably have one as well. So you may be familiar with the mechanism of how people who are active in social media work. You would watch trending photos or videos and read some very inspiring blogs or stories that are shared.

You can get your work promoted or advertised by making them visible in social media. Try to think of yourself as the commodity. You are the one producing the work; it could be you are into shooting videos, writing stories or even developing programs. The idea is to get you and your work noticed and one of the easiest and cheapest ways to do so is through social networks.

  • Put your best creative foot forward

Devin’s videos are always crisp and sharp so audiences would get to enjoy all his crazy adventures in a high-definition film. The high quality of the videos mixed together with the original and crazy ideas that he comes up with make them an instant hit to the audiences. This is how he was discovered by several companies who hired him to shoot videos for them.

You have to remember that producing both creativity and quality work is important. Producing only one of either will get you noticed but wouldn’t really draw the interest of the people who would be willing to hire you. You need to show them that you can produce quality work but also have a lot of ideas in store for them.

When you are doing something you are really passionate about, it is easy to produce something that is crazy good. However, you rarely think that it can potentially earn you money. So you may actually start working but don’t really share it to the world. You can even post whatever it is you do online which would excite a lot of other followers but you don’t produce quality output which will just mark you off as an amateur instead of a professional.

Being able to do what you love and getting funds to do it is highly possible. All you need to do to earn money this way is to emulate Devin Supertramp and all of his crazy but brilliant antics. Soon enough you’ll have people knocking on your door to get you to do something for them. But this time, it is to produce something that you love to do.

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Earn Money Like Devin Supertramp

When you are out making or earning money, you hardly imagine that it is a fun activity. You like the money well enough to be sure, but most of the time, you associate work with it, which is something you rarely look forward to. Earning money isn’t easy when you look at it in this perspe ... ...

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