Electronic Cigarettes are Less Dangerous to Our Health Than Tobacco Cigarettes

Dr. Ann McNeill, PhD, Professor of Tobacco Addiction at the National Addiction Centre, King's College, and colleagues reported that electronic cigarettes are less dangerous to our health (95%) than tobacco cigarettes. The research team explained that electronic cigarettes may be helpful in stopping tobacco smoking.

The team also discovered that regular electronic cigarette smokers are adults who used to smoke tobacco cigarettes. The research team added that since the introduction of electronic cigarettes, the number of adults and youths smoking tobacco cigarettes is on a decreasing trend in England. The research team explained that currently, there is no proof that electronic cigarettes are creating and uptake in smoking. Additionally, there is no proof that electronic cigarettes lead to tobacco smoking for young adults and teens. The research team added that electronic cigarettes appeal more to those who have smoked and appeal less to those who have never smoked.

Dr. Peter Hajek, part of the research team, agreed that vaping does not lead to smoking. He quoted that that those who smoke electronic cigarettes are those who smoked tobacco cigarettes previously. He supported his statement by giving an analogy that those who drink red wine are more highly likely to drink white wine than those who are not an alcoholic drinker.

Dr. Stella Bialous, President of Tobacco Policy International and Associate Professor of Nursing at the University of California, San Francisco, concluded that electronic cigarettes might be helpful in stopping smoking habits in light of new evidence from studies. However, she added that the use of electronic cigarettes must be regulated. She explained that all methods to cease smoking habits have been tested with clinical trials for efficacy and safety. Currently, there are no clinical trials yet for electronic cigarettes. Dr. Stella Bialous pointed out that most smokers are smoking both tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes. She added that future studies need to highlight the natural trajectory of dual smoking as the public still does not know the harms and benefits of dual smoking.


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