Emotional Psychopaths in Your Life: How to Recognize Them

There are some factors all of us ignore in relationship with others. We assume we see the world in roughly the same way and that we have similar concepts of right and wrong. We also expect that all of us are aware of certain basic facts and that words have a similar meaning to you as they do to me.

But for a small subset of the human population, the situation is different. There are some that lack a sense of repentance and empathy, often with a shallow disposition. A minority of the subset may not care if you live or die. These people are known as psychopaths. Many of them are criminals, murderers, or antisocial individuals. Not all emotional psychopaths are necessarily cold-blooded killers, but many of us are exposed to their maltreatment. We have all met people who have psychopathic characteristics, who heartlessly use and control the people around them. These type of psychopaths may not commit criminal offenses but they can make the life of people around them a living nightmare because they are such clever manipulators.

Psychopaths typically live undiscovered among us and if you are unlucky and get entangled with one, you may suffer the effects of their often disastrous cruelty and manipulation. People with psychopathic tendencies take what they want and do as they wish without the slightest sense of guilt or regret. Individuals who are so emotionally unconnected can act as if other people are objects to be kept in line and harmed if need be without any remorse.

One of the most significant characteristics of a psychopath, a deficiency of empathy, means that they are not able to understand or recognize the feelings of others thus demonstrating a cold lack of interest in someone else's pain or discomfort. Because emotional psychopaths are not empathic, it is easy for them to view the other person as a mere object to use for their private satisfaction and they have no qualms about manipulating and lying to get what they want.

Conning and lying comes easily to them because they do not feel the disgrace and worry of getting caught like most of us would when set in a similar situation. Emotional psychopath will often seem emotionally cold and insensitive. They often fake emotions by watching normal people's reactions in order to create a mask to show everyone. For example, they may learn how to use key phrases of condolence when someone dies, but on the lips, it may sound unusually mechanical. Psychopaths generally have very high opinions of themselves and think they are better than others. This allows them to feel justified in using and manipulating other people. These people see themselves as superior to other people, who they may see as prey to be hunted and exploited.

For an emotional psychopath, life is a game of control and power to have needs, such as sex, influence or money, fulfilled while destroying the victim emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, or physically at the same time. They move on to the next victim when they are bored and tend to fill with contempt for the previous victims.

If you feel less sane, less intelligent, less secure, less strong, less confident, or in any other way 'less than' what you were before, be on alert that you are may be being covertly manipulated and you may have an emotion psychopath in your life. Reach out to trusted friends with concerns and begin to reexamine, and possibly end, new relationships that are taking a toll on your life emotionally and physically.



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