Finding Your Elusive Unicorn

We still do not know where the digital world will land us, but we do know that it is generally revolutionizing the way we do business, particularly in marketing and product development. Many people who are graduating from universities and colleges are graduating with specific skills. However, the modern business demands are increasingly making it obvious to business organizations that hiring tech savvy marketers is always going to be a plus rather than hiring individuals with just one skill.

Therefore, people with more than one skill set are always going to be in huge demand in the coming years. However, is it easy to find such unicorns?

According to a recent Adobe study, most traditional marketers have no clue on what to do to beef up their digital expertise, despite the fact that digital marketing has become the order of the day. This means that such marketers will eventually find themselves obsolete unless they start learning new skills. In short, no one can afford to lag behind in the modern technological world.

So, hiring managers are hunting for dual-expertise unicorns who will be in a position to do more than one job for the company. Ideally, marketers should possess both marketing and product development skills in order to stay relevant in this fiercely competitive world. Unfortunately, for hiring marketers, such individuals are extremely scarce. Hence, some organizations have seen the need to train their internal staff on other skills. For instance, even accountants are being trained to fill junior digital marketing roles in other organizations.

The other alternative available to companies is about hiring a team instead of an individual who can do more than two jobs. However, this could prove less than ideal for most firms because it is expensive. Obviously, it is better to hire one individual who can do two jobs expertly and pay them highly than to hire five individuals.

Nonetheless, a few individuals out there can pride themselves in being pros in more than two fields. While others might have started out as software engineers and later developed interest in internet marketing, others saw the need and purposefully ventured to learn extra skills. There is no doubt that that approach is paying.

As previously mentioned, there is a shortage of individuals who have skills across the business world such as Analytics, Business, Storytelling and Technology. The demand for the above keeps going up while business needs to cut down on their labor costs to remain competitive. Therefore, this creates a unique opportunity for unicorns.

To make matters worse, technology is evolving. So, it is possible that your present skills could become obsolete in the next few years.

Nevertheless, it is going to take a long time before employees start embracing the idea of mastering more than two skills and becoming an expert in all of them. Perhaps their inability to foresee the future and resistance to change is going to derail this realization. But as they say, ‘folks must survive’. Therefore, your greatest resource is not the skills you have, but the willingness to learn new things and adapt to the changing business environment.

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