Hot Legal Practice Areas To Consider When You Qualify

Are you wondering which area of legal practice you’d like to specialise in once you’re qualified? Here are the law practice areas which are currently gaining momentum and consequently driving up demand for professionals in these fields.

Civil Litigation

“Where there’s blame, there’s a claim.” As a result of this, the demand for lawyers to handle all types of civil litigation cases is on the rise. The recent recession has also driven up the number of cases landing in court as people try to make money in any way they can. Personal injury and medical negligence claims are particularly popular suits as are insurance defence and employment claims. If you get into this sector, you’ll never be out of work!

Environmental Law

Going green is rapidly becoming a global priority and with it comes a demand for legal professionals who can advise clients of green issues and sustainability initiatives. It has been predicted that climate change, global warming, greenhouse gases and other environmental legislation will place an increasingly heavy demand on environmental lawyers in the coming decades.

Bankruptcy law

As the economy recovers in fits and starts and unemployment still sits at record levels, people simply do not have the money to meet loan repayments and mortgage obligations. In an attempt to wipe the slate clean and start over, many small business owners and individuals are declaring themselves bankrupt. As a consequence, businesses and individuals require legal assistance in restructuring their assets and the demand for legal professionals with bankruptcy experience is growing.

Employment law

In a healthy, strong economy with high employment employees are much less likely to file employment-related claims. The current climate sees unemployed workers who face losing everything turning to litigation in desperation. The number of unfair dismissal allegations and industrial tribunals is on the rise and consequently lawyers with experience in employment law are very much in demand.

Foreclosure law

As a result of the recession, repossessions are rising fast. In the US, it’s estimated that there are as many as 10,000 foreclosures every day and the situation is being viewed as a crisis by the government. This has fuelled a growth in foreclosure law and a demand for legal professionals who can represent and advise lenders, business owners, investors and homeowners and guide them safely through the foreclosure process.

Intellectual property law

Such is the rate of development in science and technology, the requirement for specialist lawyers in the area of intellectual property law is growing rapidly. Invention and innovation exists across many different sectors; businesses, inventors, musicians, authors etc and all require the procurement of the rights to new ideas and the protection of the ownership of existing creations.

E-discovery practice

More and more data is stored electronically these days and consequently someone has to locate the relevant information when it is required for a lawsuit. E-discovery and litigation support professionals are tasked with locating, preserving, collecting, processing and reviewing ESI data. New rules governing e-discovery are being introduced all the time and this is one area which is forecast to mushroom rapidly in the next few years. Legal professionals with the right knowledge and skillset will be in big demand to fill this lucrative legal niche.

So, if you were unsure what career path to follow in the legal profession, I hope this article has given you a few new ideas about some of the more unusual areas that might be of interest. 

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