Hunt Down the Green Collar Jobs

Today, the trend of white collar jobs is fading away and instead the hunt for green collar jobs is on the rise. More and more young people are looking for jobs in those industries or offices which are considerate of nature and global environmental welfare along with doing businesses well. Youth today are not shallow minded and are truly concerned with doing something that pays well but is also beneficial for nature on a global scale.

The changing economic times can make it difficult for the job market to be open to the fresh graduates who are especially interested in a green collar jobs. Green collar dream jobs are not easy to get as they are a very competitive and a challenging market. is an online job employment service which advertises well-paying jobs and it is used by most of the young graduates in the U.S. This well-known service has stated that the trend of green jobs rising every single day. More and more people are realizing the damage caused to the environment and genuinely want to do something about it through their career.

San Francisco tops the list in terms of green job availability in the country. San Francisco offers 42,000 plus green job options for graduates annually. San Francisco is definitely one of the most promising places to hunt for green collar jobs.  The San Francisco green job market offers an average salary base of $58,700, making it one of the best places to secure a green collar job.

Denver is second highest in terms of offering opportunities in the green collar job sector. This Colorado city, back in 2007 reported that 17,000 people were employed in green collar job, which has increased positively by 18% today.

New York City is a hub for those looking for green collar jobs. New York City has successfully launched PlaNYC which is a very comprehensive future plan with a huge initiative of 127 startups, encouraging and keeping options open for those who are looking out for green collar jobs. Being one of the cities with a huge growing number of options, this is definitely one of the most promising places for those who wish to have green jobs.

Portland offers about 1.9 million green jobs, based in energy and environment friendly manufacturing jobs. Working a close-to-nature job is like securing one of the best possible green job.

Los Angeles is still a growing city in terms of green jobs. There is a positive trend in the rise and growth of clean energy jobs in this city. Although not a place with lots of opportunities current, in a few years LA will definitely have a healthy pool of green collar jobs available.

Sacramento, Calif has witnessed one of the fastest growths in green collar jobs during the years of 1995 – 2008 with a significant number of huge job vacancies renewable energy, making it one of the leading cities for green collar jobs.

Boston recently ranked fourth in terms of having a large base of green collar jobs. Boston is also one of the leading cities in terms of colleges and universities per capita. Students who have freshly graduated understand the importance of caring for nature nature and the need for businesses related to nature. The city is one of the top in moving forward with green technology and wind power concepts.

Detroit was once upon a time a city that was not very fruitful or promising. However, today things have changed and Detroit seems like a place of new opportunity for those looking out for green collar jobs.

Phoenix is a newly trending place for those who are looking for well-paying green jobs. Green jobs offered in Phoenix are very new and innovative. They have a large range of environmentally-friendly platforms which need employees in the water, energy and natural resources sectors.

Houston is a highly polluted city leading in terms of carbon dioxide emissions. However, the wind power sector in Houston has grown very rapidly thus opening avenues for people looking to secure a green collar jobs are opening up.

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Hunt Down the Green Collar Jobs

Today, the trend of white collar jobs is fading away and instead the hunt for green collar jobs is on the rise. More and more young people are looking for jobs in those industries or offices which are considerate of nature and global environmental welfare along with doing businesses w ...

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