Killer Questions To Ask At An Interview

An interview can be simply defined as ‘a conversation with a purpose’. Usually, an interview is just about getting through to the next stage of the recruitment process. But what do both parties want from the interview? Understanding this will help you ask the right questions and make a good impression on the recruiter. Don’t be afraid to take control of the interview by asking good questions and showing how you might behave if you got the job.

Each interview you attend will be different. Experience will enable you to judge an interviewer’s degree of preparedness and skilfully integrate your own questions into the discussion so that the dialogue flows smoothly. Show your confidence and stand out from the run-of-the-mill candidates by posing these killer questions.

What do you need from this meeting?

If you’re brave enough, ask the interviewer what they want from the meeting. What’s the most important piece of information they need from you?

Why did the company do this?

If you want to stick to safer ground, ask questions that show that you’re really curious about the company. You could ask a question about the organisation’s previous policies on expansion or bring things up to date with a question about their recent decisions on new products or manufacturing technologies. These questions demonstrate that you’ve done your research and they will impress the interviewer. They also allow you to show that you have an understanding of how the organisation operates and where it’s come from.

Be careful though not to come over as arrogant or as a wise-guy; wise-guys are not popular in any organisation and will turn off an interviewer.

How are you going to do this?

You could also pose questions about where the company sees itself in the future; what are their plans to organically grow the business, what’s their view on market trends and consolidation etc. How about turning the old chestnut around and asking where they see their business in five years’ time and what opportunities will it hold for you?

Why did you decide to work here?

It’s good to show that you’re interested in your prospective colleagues and their backgrounds. You could ask the interviewer how long they’ve worked for the company and why they decided to join. Ask something about the job you’ve applied for; maybe how they see the role developing and then put forward ways in which you think you could add value to it.

What’s it like to work here?

This is a great line of questioning to adopt as it shows that you’re interested in how you might fit into the team and that you’re genuinely keen to get the right job, not just any job. Ask what the best thing about working for the company is and the downsides. These questions are very personal to the interviewer and will give you an insight into the culture and ethos of the company. Questions like these show that you want to understand the company’s value system and how the workforce gels together. It’s also a good idea to drop in questions about performance appraisals: how they work, and how are they used in relation to upgrading and pay rises.

In conclusion

A job interview need not be a one-way process where you just sit and answer questions fired at you by a recruiter. By making your participation more proactive, you are showing the interviewer that you have something more than the guy before you who just sat dumbly and only spoke to answer the questions he was posed. That could mean the difference between an invitation to the next stage of the process, or a ‘dear John’ letter.

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Killer Questions To Ask At An Interview

An interview can be simply defined as ‘a conversation with a purpose’. Usually, an interview is just about getting through to the next stage of the recruitment process. But what do both parties want from the interview? Understanding this will help you ask the right questions and m ... ...

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