Avoid Malware Meddling

A lot of people suppose that the only way you can get malware is through the process of downloading suspicious data files, running unpatched programs, visiting inappropriate internet websites, and taking other irresponsible actions. Well, they are right. However, there are more ways to spread malware.

Your family members could send you a link, which seems to be okay, but maybe they have already been infected by malware as well. If for example the internet site uses a flaw in your internet browser or a plug-in to compromise your pc, in many cases it will try to install malware. Today, malware represents the area of organized criminal activity trying to gather financial data and harness your PC for botnets.

The last layer of your PC protection and personal information is an antivirus. So there is no good logical reason for not running an antivirus on Mac, Windows, etc.. If you genuinely want to prevent criminals from stealing your personal and financial information, the best option is to go off the internet. Close your account on Twitter, Facebook, stop shopping online, do not send emails to anyone, etc...

I am sure that all the above is way too extreme for many of us, but if you follow it, you will tremendously enhance your odds of protecting your private data and keeping your family safe from criminals. Frankly, the internet is a great tool for meeting people and communication, business, but it is suitable for crime too.

Our biggest problem is finding a balance between safe internet use and not being paranoid about protection and criminals. People use Blur, an application that stops online tracking from more than 600 internet tracking units like Facebook, Google Analytics and other social networks. These social networks collect your web activity and they are always tracking you thanks to cookies, which are very helpful in monitoring your activities.

After some time they put together a profile about you including EVERYTHING (visited web-sites, your purchases, etc..) you have been doing on the net. The more things they know about you, the more valuable your profile will become. So what can we do to protect our computer from intrusion?

Turn on your firewall:

Firewalls are recommended for single PC's because they are very helpful in protecting your personal data, passwords, and other sensitive information from theft by hackers.

Update your antivirus:

Antivirus programs are created for detecting, preventing, and removing malicious software (viruses, worms, etc.). Sometimes viruses will infect your PC without your knowledge. If you do not have antivirus software on your computer, install it immediately. But do not think that you have to purchase an antivirus software, because you don't.

Update your antispyware software:

This software stops others from collecting information about you and your activities on the computer.

Update your operating system:

Your computer will not have the latest protection if your operating system is not up to date.

Be aware what you open and download:

Downloading e-mail attachments without due consideration, especially from people you don't know is not recommended at all, because they could have advanced malicious code.


*Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons.


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Avoid Malware Meddling

A lot of people suppose that the only way you can get malware is through the process of downloading suspicious data files, running unpatched programs, visiting inappropriate internet websites, and taking other irresponsible actions. Well, they are right. However, there are more ways to spread ...

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