Medical Negligence can be Minimized by Learning From Our Own Mistake

Committing mistakes makes us a human. People always say, “A fool learns from his own mistake while a wise person learns from the mistakes of others”. It is true to a certain extent. One way or another, everyone will make mistakes. It is an inevitable truth. It is just a matter of whether we make more or fewer mistakes. Whichever it is, it truly does not matter as long as we learn from our mistakes.

Making or avoiding a mistake cannot always be a choice because mistakes often happen by chance. Sometimes, they happen without our realization. However, learning from our mistakes is a choice. We can choose not to learn from our mistakes and continue to repeat our mistakes like a fool or we can choose to learn from them and avoid making the same mistake again.

To learn from our mistake, it is not easy. Not only must we be humble and have an insight of ourselves, but we must also have wisdom. Wisdom comes with age. There is no doubt about that. I believe many of us realize that as we age, we are better at handling situations we cannot handle during our younger days. Many of us also are aware that as we grow older and look back, there are actions and consequences that we regret. This life process will and always is present in our life no matter the age and wisdom. However, learning from our mistakes not only grants us wisdom but also it makes us more mature and alert to our surroundings.

Trials and tests in life make us survivors. However, we can also make due with less of them by learning from our mistakes. I believe each mistake we make, costs us something from our life be it pain, money or suffering. Take each mistake in stride. As we make an unforeseen mistake, take a step back. Take a moment to breathe. With each breath, reflect upon the mistake that just has happened. Identify the cause of the mistake. Slowly trace back the genesis of the mistake. Reflect upon each action that has caused the mistake and aggravate it. Now, that we have identified the reason behind the mistake, calm ourselves down, stop reacting, and start analyzing. At this juncture, it is important to analyze before deciding as it is important to avoid committing greater mistakes in the future.

The thing with learning from our own mistake is many of us think that it is more of an individual effort. Many of us fail to see that to learn better from our mistakes, it involves those around us like friends and family. In actual fact, our family members and friends often know us better than ourselves as they see the overall picture of the mistakes we do and they can sometimes pinpoint the exact cause of the mistake. In conclusion, start learning from our mistakes as it makes us wiser and better.


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