Organic Chemistry Study Tips

Organic chemistry can be one of the most difficult courses a science major takes during their college career. But, if a student is focus and driven they can manage to ace the course without any issues.

Pay attention to the course syllabus your professor may have suggested some great study supplements. Also, make sure you understand the syllabus and the course outline so you’re able to use it to benefit a stellar grade.

Use class time to get involved. Believe it or not class participation will keep you engaged and steer you away from confusion. Attempt to ask questions in class so you may receive an answer to questions that may leave you feeling puzzled the remainder of the day. Be a detailed note taker try not to be lazy on the notes. Later, when you study notes sometimes they will provide tips and answers to your array of questions.

Textbook Use your textbook as a tool and reference along with other supplements. Check to see if your textbook comes along with a webcode or disc that can allow you to practice.

Modeling Kits You may be familiar with these cool colorful kits. If you are a visual learner a molecular modeling kit may appear as the perfect study tool for you. If you're not familiar their great physical objects used for studying compounds. A great idea is to take your kit with you to class and use it during the lecture.

Learn basic functional groups Organic chemistry is all about the foundation, master the basic functional groups. The basic functional groups can be looked at as the base of a house once your foundation is firm you can continue to build upon it with ease. Don't allow the material to be more complex than it is. Use memorization as a tool.

Practice Practice formula compounds every chance you get. Don't procrastinate or cramp because it won't work. Practice the formula compounds from class. Quizzes also make great study and practice tools. In addition to practice you may want to get creative and create your very own tools like flash cards. It may sound silly but investing in a small dry eraser board to practice on, would be a study tool worth the investment.

Furthermore, you want to work just as hard in your lecture class as you do in lab. Try your best to use what you have studied in lecture to perform at your best in your lab.

Finally, don't give up if you must visit your professor during their office hours, go for it. Find a tutor or start a study group with peer(s). Study alone if you learn material better that way. If you put in the time and effort you should see great results.


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