Retailers, Don't Scare Away Your Customers

Mobile marketing has become one of the most popular ways of trapping customers. Retailers today often end up scaring away their customers when they end up sending messages to them on the products offered.

Technology has evolved such that it can track our every move, and though this is an advantage to the human race, it could well be intimidating if pushed into the privacy of our lives.

Retailers should be careful on the use of technology and its impact on their customers. Leveraging off technology to help customers find the right product to fit their needs and pocket can help retailers encash on the wealth of customers in the market.

For instance, a salon could send you a message once a month closer to the date of your regular visit to book an appointment for you over the weekend. Yet if the same salon kept haunting you for the remainder of the week or called you multiple times on the same day before your appointment to check on your whereabouts, this could be offensive.

Retailers can use the mobile marketing to capture the market, provided the strategy is right. They can use marketing during end of season sales, holidays or festival periods to connect with the customers since the potential of spenign becomes higher during those days. Weekends is also an excellent option.

When targeting a market, retailers should focus on advertising to the right customer rather that the blanket approach. For example, selling baby foods to parents who’ve been newly blessed would make sense rather than send the message to parents with teenage children.

Retailers should focus on segregating customer’s data and storing based on the customer’s details filled in the interests / feedback column. Keeping a track of frequent customers can also help since this would provide more detail on what the customer purchases from the store.

When stores over use the feature of mobile marketing, their messages tend to get ignored since customers are busy with their daily work. Yet used wisely, it attracts customer attention.

With the number of retailers increasing by the day, the number of messages received average to 10 for customer who use limited internet. The online shopping trend has caught up well since everyone can buy a product online and have it shipped at a very nominal price if not free.

Ecommerce retailers have the easiest way of tracking customers, once online and you’ve looked at a product, even if you open another page for a different reason this product feature there, reminding you that you’ve looked at it.

There are instances as well when you attempted to pay for the product online and it fails, the vendor sends you a message on the lines of “we see you attempted to buy the product but it failed, please try again” and then provide you with a link to directly buy this. All this does not just apply to apparel, footwear or personal care. This could also include flowers ordered online to be sent. Having reached an era where we shopping is at our finger tips and at our convenience, it has become imperative for retailers to make use of every opportunity generate revenue.

Mobile marketing has also its customer service advantage, where in a customer can keep track of his / her order from the retailer and provide feedback.

That being said, retailers have to make a conscious effort to refrain from scaring customers and use the technology to their advantage.

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