Servicemen! Earn Your Certificate

We’ve always heard that the pursuit of education has no limits of age. Education is the core force that decides how a person fares in life. Without the necessary certification, we can’t imagine getting the jobs we want or achieve all that we aspire to in our lives.

Keeping all of that in mind, there are many military service members that may look into ways of gaining further education in order to work after their service is over. Many of these resort to bachelor’s programs while some others go for a master’s degree. What they don’t realize is the importance of earning certificates.

If you are one of the servicemen looking to extend your academic knowledge, you could start by earning certificates as opposed to getting enrolled in a degree program. Some of the reasons for that are:

Certificates Give You the Necessary Knowledge:

The difference between a degree and a certificate is that a degree course takes much longer than getting a certificate. Where the degree course aims to provide a more wide approach to the subject, a certificate tends to streamline the information to a point where the student gets all the necessary knowledge to work practically in that field of study.

Certificates Civilianize the Servicemen:

One reason why certificates have an added importance for service members is that they civilianize them. This means that the servicemen earning their certificates now have the most recent and relevant education which an employer, who is a civilian, looks for.

They Give You a Variety of Choices:

Just like any other educational pursuit, deciding which certificate to get comes down to personal interest. There are a variety of options to choose from, but the ones more suited to veterans and servicemen are:

  • Project Management
  • Business Studies
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resource Management

The reason these are more important is because they are largely in demand these days, and all require a certain level of discipline that service members are not ignorant of.

Getting a Certificate is Quicker:

If you are a service member and already have a bachelor’s degree, then you could be stuck in making the choice between a master’s degree or getting a certificate. Many experts suggest that you go for the certificate first, as it is much quicker than a degree.

If you find that you have a lot of time to spare, you could even get both a degree and a certificate, but getting a certificate first makes more sense. That way, you can even have multiple ones and can really become a diversified professional.

The Military Education Tuition Programs May Cover Your Fees:

Servicemen have the advantage of having military tuition assistance programs to help them pay their fees. They should get into the details of the programs associated with their respective service branch and if eligible, they could be looking at certificate courses that are a whole lot cheaper for them.

So there you have it. All of you retired servicemen out there should earn your certificates if you want to enhance your knowledge base in order to work professionally. Servicemen are detail-oriented, disciplined, and know how to work in a team and respect authority, which makes it desirable for employers to actually hire them and that is why they need to have the necessary education and tools that are required for getting jobs outside of the military.


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Servicemen! Earn Your Certificate

We’ve always heard that the pursuit of education has no limits of age. Education is the core force that decides how a person fares in life. Without the necessary certification, we can’t imagine getting the jobs we want or achieve all that we aspire to in our lives. Keeping al ... ...

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