The Business School with the Highest Package

Aiming to have an MBA? Well, choose a school that will not only assist you in acquiring your degree but will be a stepping stone for you to get a high salary as well when you graduate. Find a business school with the highest package.

It is important for you to consider not only the name of the school but its ability to provide good education and practical training as well as help you become a graduate with the potential to earn more. A number of business schools are recognized because of their high-earning MBA (Master of Business Administration) graduates.

Here is a list of schools offering business courses and programs that produced the highest paid MBA graduates, according to

  • Stanford University (Stanford Graduate School of Business) – ranks first with 184,600 MBA graduates earning the highest salary. The business school’s program was also ranked first in the US by Forbes in its 2013 rankings.
  • Harvard Business School – HBS bags the second place with a number of 181,100 highest MBA earners. The business school is consistently ranked among the best schools worldwide.
  • University of Pennsylvania (Wharton School) – comes in third with a total of 180,300 grads earning a high income. The university offers world-class business programs that put it among the top business management schools.
  • University of Berkeley California (Berkeley MBA program) – this school ranks fourth with its 172,000 MBA graduates. It offers full-time MBA program that also focuses on leadership, positive impact and fresh and innovative thinking which made the school one of the best across the globe.
  • Columbia University (Columbia Business School) – it produced 168,100 high earning grads which puts the school in fifth place. With the business course and the MBA program the school offers, students are effectively prepared and equipped for the challenges they will encounter as the emerging leaders in a rapidly changing business world. The school’s dedication and commitment to producing potential business leaders has made it one of the top-performing business schools in the world and is consistently included in the top 10 rankings.
  • MIT Sloan School of Management – having a total of 163,900, the business college takes the sixth place. With its MBA program that helps student face the fast-moving and complex world of business, the school is considered one of the best.
  • University of California, Los Angeles (Anderson School of Management) – the university brought forth 161,300 MBA graduates to the business industry that earned the highest which makes it in the top seven. The business college is committed giving the best and up-to-date education and career services making it a great choice for acquiring an MBA degree.
  • Cornell University (Johnson Graduate School of Management) – the school produced 154,500 degree holders in business administration with high paying jobs that places it in the top eight. Their full-time MBA program provides students an equally dynamic education to prepare students for the dynamic business world.
  • University of Virginia (Darden School of Business) – the school tied with Cornell University having the same number of MBA grads. Darden School of Business is devoted to unleashing the potential in promising business leaders and getting their students ready to the best in their work.

People considering to go back to school and earn a degree in business administration should also ask students, both current and former, of the business college they are eyeing to more information about their learnings.

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