The JUMP in Medical Education

Encouraging middle school students to take a deeper look at the medical profession and to gain educational experience at the medical field is what the JUMP program is all about. It takes students a JUMP in the Medical Education.

JUMP or Junior Upcoming Medical Professionals Program is a program hosted and conducted by the Palm Springs Unified School District for students in middle school. It is a way for students to learn about different types of medical careers or profession. It is also a program that grants these students the opportunity to participate in career exploration in the medical profession through field trips, mentorship and knowledge imparted by guest speakers.

The JUMP program is designed to be a stepping stone for middle school students who are interested in becoming a medical professional and entering the medical field. The program allows the incorporation of medical-related lessons into the class curriculum.

There are also several events that students in the JUMP program will participate to enhance their medical profession learning and exposure:

  • JUMP Medical Math
  • JUMP Health Education
  • JUMP Medical Terminology
  • JUMP Extemporaneous Health Poster
  • JUMP Career Health
  • JUMP Prepared Speaking

The JUMP Program also conducts field trips on several hospital areas for further medical exposure. Through these educational visits to medical institutions, students are given a realistic view and a closer look of what medical professionals do and an idea of what are the responsibilities and obligations of a medical practitioner. Also, the field trips are ways of letting students know what are various medical careers and occupations available in the hospital.

Also included in the JUMP Program are lessons that teach students basic skills or career-related skills, such as verbal communication, as well as team-work strategies, leadership skills and values, and positive work ethic. According to the medical professionals who served as mentors in the program, medical knowledge, hands on and practical skills needed can be taught but efficient communication skills and leadership values should already be present when applying for a job in the medical field. That is why the program incorporates such lessons to prepare and equip students for them to be successful in their chosen medical career.

The JUMP Program is one effective way of preparing the young generation for a bright future in the medical profession. It is an efficient approach of making students ready, equipping them for their future career and helping them become a successful medical practitioner.


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