Things Teachers Want From Parents

It takes a village to raise a child. Teachers are not the only ones who should educate our children. Parents also play an important role. According to the research, a child’s behavior, grades, school life and emotional well-being improve when parents are involved in the education process. If you want to participate in your kid’s learning process and make the teacher’s job easier, take a look at and act on the list below.

Read to Your Child

Reading aloud to children is an essential activity for improving the knowledge and comprehension regarding future successful reading. Take a book and read to your child a few times a week. You’ll plant the seeds for a lifetime of reading.

Get to Know Their Teacher

You should talk to your child’s teacher regularly and stay in touch by phone or email. You should participate in parent-teacher conferences and be present for open houses. Join PTA and attend school council meetings.

Encourage Friendships Outside of School

Make sure your child interacts with his classmates outside of school. Classroom activities do not allow children to get to know one another very well so encourage participation in after-school activities.

Take Part in School Events

Attend science fair nights, sporting events, and talent shows even if your child is not participating. You will appreciate more of the school's opportunities, and your child will make nice memories too.

Bring Learning Home

Foster future success by bringing learning home. Take a trip to a museum or aquarium. Watch an educational documentary or create a spelling game of interest to all family member.

Value Education

Demonstrate to your child that learning is a continuous process that doesn’t end once school is over. Read a book. Share your learning experiences with your kid.

Teach Your Child to Clean Up

Teach your child responsibility by instructing them to clean up after themselves. If they are messy at home, he will be messy at school. Your child should learn to make their bed, stow their toys, wash the dishes, and take out the trash. Healthy habits make everything much easier and everyone happier.

Do Step-by-Step Teaching at Home

When you wish to teach your child something, make sure you have their full attention and provide clear instructions. Make eye contact and stand close when teaching them how to follow directions. This way your child will not be the one lagging behind at school.

When you do some teaching of your own and get involved with school activities, you will become a critical factor in your child’s success in and out of school. The teacher will appreciate your efforts and your little one will be thankful one day too!





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