Travel Nurse a Lucrative Career Option?

Travel nursing is one of the very few jobs in the health industry that accords one the courtesy of traveling across the country while enjoying exciting sceneries with new adventures and challenges. Travel nursing is a lucrative career option without a doubt, considering the numerous benefits it is always sure to provide regardless of the assignment

Travel nurses don’t have a fixed working schedule or a fixed location from where they are required to operate from, they normally operate as fill-in for nurses who are on sick or maternity leave or who cannot operate for some extended period of time due to some unavoidable circumstances.

How to become a travel nurse

Becoming a travel nurse starts with one acquiring an RN degree either through an associate degree in nursing which normally takes two years followed by a bachelor’s degree for another two years. Another way, involves one attending a hospital based nursing school which normally lasts for four years.

To be a fully registered nurse one has to pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurse exam. Ones all this certifications are offered, one can decide to venture in travel nursing instead of being a regular nurse.

Necessary skills and qualities

Travel nurses are most of the time called to be more flexible as the career involves moving around quite often. Excellent communication skills is a must in this field while at the same time being highly conversant with medical and social needs of patients.

Experiences and Certifications

Many travel nursing agencies are known to hire travel nurses with more than one year of experience in the field of nursing. Some employers may go for more than two years of experience with specialized skills and certifications in various field such as critical care and perioperative care. Nurses with the highest levels of experience usually get picked first and get highly paid positions.

Salary for travel nurses

Travel nurses salaries is higher than that of RN’s, some of the benefits always on offer include housing, medical/dental coverage and bonuses as well as other perks. Regardless of location of operation, a travel nurse can pocket up to $75,000 annually with an average $48 an hour. The salary can go higher depending on location. In 2010 the average salary of travel nurses was $64,690 with top 10% in the filed pocketing more than $95,130 a year

Travel nurses responsibilities

Travel nurses working environment depends on field of specialization, a surgery nurse will carry out surgeries for his/her patients while a travel nurse who has specialized in cardiac care will mainly work in the ICU’s

Why be a travel nurse:

Enjoy various sceneries

Travel nursing gives one the chance of scouting almost all cities in the country depending on the assignment. There is no greater excitement than when one is transversing islands, be it the sweeping deserts or the golden beaches of different states

Flexibility of employment

Travel nursing is ideal for people who do not wish to be involved in tight work schedules. This is because one gets to choose the number of assignments to handle for a given period of time. Travel nursing can be one of the best ways in which a fresh graduate can start to identify where they would work long-term.

Comes with one of the best pay packages

Travel nurses enjoy top notch salaries with hourly rates in the range of $22-$50 usually depending on the assignment one is working on and the employer. While working on private assignments the pay can be extremely high. This essentially makes travel nursing a lucrative career option at any given time.

Is being a travel nurse a lucrative career option? Yes, that will always be my answer at any given day

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