Why Are You Interested In ...?

One of the favourite questions of interviewers is; “Why are you interested in working for us?” This can seem pretty innocent but it’s a really difficult question to answer well. Here’s how to impress with your response …


Companies ask this question because they really want to know why you are interested in their company and the job they are advertising. It’s really important that you learn as much as possible about the company and the position they are advertising. The more information you have at your fingertips, the easier it will be for you to convince the interviewer that it’s them you want to work for and you’re not just after any job you can get.

Begin by checking out their company website. This should have loads of information about the nature of their business; their clients and what projects they currently have ongoing. You could also have a look at the LinkedIn page and Google them.

Crafting your answer

Now you have the information about the company and its business you can put together an answer. To really impress, your answer must be specific and focused. Make sure you can cover topics such as the company’s products and projects both current and future and tell the interviewer how you feel you could become involved. Discuss the culture and business philosophy of the organisation as you perceive them to be and explain how you think you will be able to fit in.

Demonstrate an understanding of the company’s position in the marketplace and stress how excited you would be if you were to join them. Finally, sell yourself and what you have to offer placing heavy emphasis on your specialist knowledge and skills and how they will be of value to the company. Always be at pains to stress how your abilities and experience could benefit the company rather than how the company can benefit you.

Remember that you cannot have a ‘one size fits all’ answer; you will need to adapt what you say depending upon how the interview progresses. This is why you need to research thoroughly and know your information really well.

There is not right or wrong answer to this question; just a good one and a poor one. Short, generic answers will not get you the job; research your subject and focus on what you can do for the company and you won’t go too far wrong.

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