Why Use A Recruitment Agency?

When you’ve finished your degree, it’s time to start job-hunting. Recruitment agencies can be a good place to start your search and have many advantages. Many employers exclusively use agencies to source their staff so signing up can allow you access to vacancies that would not be advertised elsewhere. Often, agencies will advise you on preparing your resume and on interview techniques which can be very helpful too.

Choosing an agency

These days, most agencies show current vacancies on their websites and this can be a useful indicator as to whether it’s worth registering or not. By browsing through the lists you can check out which companies they habitually deal with and whether they have many vacancies in your chosen field.

What happens when I contact an agency?

First of all, your recruitment agent will begin by establishing what sort of work you are looking for and what skills you have to offer. There may be a skills test for secretarial and IT applicants and you will need to provide an up-to-date copy of your resume.

Many agencies also handle temporary and contract vacancies and it can be useful to put yourself forward even if you’re ultimately looking for permanent work. Often, a good performance in a temporary role can lead to a permanent position; in fact many employers use this strategy to recruit permanent staff.

Will I have to do an interview on the spot?

The majority of agencies will conduct an interview as part of the registration process and a skills test may also be involved for general office work. This test could cover; typing speed and accuracy, MS Office packages, spelling and grammar and data entry skills. On successful completion of the test, the recruitment consultant will tell you if they think they can place you.

If you’re not successful, always ask for feedback and for recommendations for other agencies in your area that might prove to be more suitable.

Can I sign up with more than one agency?

It’s a good idea to register with several agencies to make sure you get access to as many job vacancies as possible. Choose local and national agencies for maximum coverage and seek out specialist agencies that focus specifically on your field.

It’s very important that you build a good relationship with your contact at the agency. Keep in touch by phone to find out how they’re getting on with finding you suitable openings; keep your name in the front of their mind and show them that you’re keen to find work.

Finding recruitment agencies

A quick Google search will bring up plenty of recruitment agencies and you can also check out local press, industry publications and the bigger national newspapers that have a recruitment and careers section.

More hints and tips

The agency should notify you when they send your resume out to a company but it’s wise to ask them to do this when you first sign up with them. There may be some roles you’re not interested in and you don’t want to waste valuable time attending interviews for a job you don’t really want.

Agencies are paid by their clients if they successfully place an applicant in a vacancy. You should not be expected to pay any fees unless you work in areas like modeling or acting.

In conclusion

Registering with a recruitment agency can save you a lot of legwork in the long run and can give you an edge when it comes to finding work.

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